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Dream 02.01.05

I had a dream that I was at my grandmother’s house, but it was her old kitchen, the one she had before she had it remodeled. I was cooking/cleaning there for some reason. There was a knock at the door, and, for some reason it was Ettin. (Human, so Paul, I guess.) And he was shorter than me. I gave him snacks to munch on while he waited for whatever he was waiting for. Ah, we were waiting for Jorenko to return.

Once Jorenko arrived, we played some sort of game, and Ettin kept score on a piece of paper. He scanned it to make copies on the wrong scanner. The scanner he used was reserved for the school. (I don’t know.)

Later, we went outside. My family was there, The total group outside was Ettin, Jorenko, me (whoever I was.) Schroe (Amanda Schroeder), Aunt E, Mother, Grandmother, and a few others that were in a group to the side. This is what made me realize that the view I had was not through the eyes of Amanda Schroeder.

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I can’t pretend, I can’t write, I can’t talk, I can’t think. Until earlier today, I thought I couldn’t dream anymore. But I did, so I guess I’m getting better.