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Oh Catbottoms.

Just when I was getting in the art groove again, photoshop craps out on me and I have to wait for it to reinstall again. There’s not even a guarantee it’ll even work right. Time to acquire other image manipulation tools. Capital SIGH.

New pictures in the Jonas picasa gallery:

And some cat pictures in the Things gallery:


This is Dagwood, our newly adopted cat. He’s a neutered adult male with a sweet, passive disposition. The couple we got him from adopted him recently, and found that the dog and Dag didn’t get along, and male side of the betrothed couple was allergic. They told us Dag came from a house of six cats that was in foreclosure and the owner could no longer care for the pets. Here are the craigslist pictures since I don’t have any of mine up yet.


June 2004

June 2004

March 2009

March 2009

En, better known as Stinky, more recently known as Cancer Cat, did not make it. Her lymphoma was in complete remission: she did not have any sign of cancer in her when we brought her into the vet last week. After her last chemo treatment, she was the best she’d been in a while. Then she stopped eating. She was limp, and didn’t have any balance when jumping off things. She got some IV therapy for dehydration and a bunch more tests. They said she had an infection, but they didn’t know where. They suggested some expensive exploratory surgery, but even then that would guarantee recovery. There wasn’t hope anymore.


I shouldn’t have looked in her eyes as they injected her. The sedatives made her eyes go wide and she stared blankly ahead until it was over. I can’t get it out of my head yet. I shouldn’t have watched.

Cancer Cat UPDATE!!._

She has no tumors. NO MORE TUMORS! Yay kitty chemo.

Refer to this previous entry for description of cancer cat issues.

A Dog

Dog ….. 1200%

“Each dog is the size of three dogs and they have four of them. That is twelve times the daily recommended dose of dog.” – Jorenko

This Cat…

Shaven Stonk
… is my favorite cat. She is one of three cats living in this house, and the only one that isn’t afraid to sleep on someone.

This cat has an enlarged lymph node in her chest that has been preventing her from breathing properly. She is currently in the care of a specialist to determine for certain if their diagnosis of lymphoma is correct. The node has been drained and she’s in an oxygen cage.

This cat is only four and a half years old. She does not have FeLV or FIV, which would be two possible reasons to explain why she has lymphoma so young. It’s not impossible, just unlikely, for young cats to get it.

Best possible outcome with lymphoma: Chemotherapy works and she gets two years.
Average outcome: Nine months to a year
Worst outcome: She’s dead in a month or two.

She is MY CAT.


What? We bought a camera? Of course updating cat tower pictures is the first thing we’d do.

Cat Tower v0.5

Base, two houses, one central raised platform. Two window seats near the ceiling to come.

Warning: crappy phone picture quality.

random kitten generator

All the kittens you killed, you wanker.