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Sippy Cup

From Jonas 6mo+

Juices for mah boy

Jo Things

There’s a whole bunch of new Jonas pictures on Picasa.

Also, Jonas now has a twitter. Mostly we’re keeping tack of feedings on it.

Oh Catbottoms.

Just when I was getting in the art groove again, photoshop craps out on me and I have to wait for it to reinstall again. There’s not even a guarantee it’ll even work right. Time to acquire other image manipulation tools. Capital SIGH.

New pictures in the Jonas picasa gallery:

And some cat pictures in the Things gallery:


This is Dagwood, our newly adopted cat. He’s a neutered adult male with a sweet, passive disposition. The couple we got him from adopted him recently, and found that the dog and Dag didn’t get along, and male side of the betrothed couple was allergic. They told us Dag came from a house of six cats that was in foreclosure and the owner could no longer care for the pets. Here are the craigslist pictures since I don’t have any of mine up yet.


From Things


From Things

Bedroom Progress

Master Bedroom Remodel

The painting and furniture portions of the master bedroom remodel are now complete.

Remaining work to be done:

– Install ceiling fan
– Buy, stain, and install new moulding
– Stain outlet and lightswitch covers
– Replace outlets and light switch with non-half-painted ones
– Buy, stain, and install curtain rods
– Hang curtains


Schroe Dot Org’s Florida Vacation

Jor and I were away for the past week (not that you’d have noticed with the normal amount of updates here). I’ve added a link to our Picasa photo gallery on the right hand side, with hundreds of pictures from our week long trip to Orlando/Lake Buena Vista. That means Disney, folks.

The parks we visited were MGM/Disney Hollywood, Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, and Epcot. By far the last two were the most enjoyable. The majority of the pictures are from the safari ride and walk-throughs. I learned a very important lesson regarding those red-triangle warnings (“physical considerations”) on rides at Disney. “Expectant mothers should not ride” isn’t there to prevent anything from happening to the fetus, it’s just REALLY UNCOMFORTABLE for the mother. I was sore the rest of the day from all the bouncing on the safari ride.
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Jorenko in Germany

Jorenko’s in Germany on a business trip, attending a trade show. He spent today being a tourist and send me some pictures.

Behold the open-index goodness.


What? We bought a camera? Of course updating cat tower pictures is the first thing we’d do.