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Corkies 12

Originally done when I was still in high school, so the entry has been back-dated to a million years ago.
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An annoying toaster, improperly disposed of by a Jorenko.

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A letter to my host.

Dear eHost.

A few more questions.

Why do I have to pay $25 extra to set up what most hosts give for free along with much lower monthly payments? The average monthly price for a host that includes mySQL databases is $16.42 a month. This comes out to $197 a year, give or take a few dollars depending on the host. My annual fee is $155.40, and if I were to purchase the upgrade from you, which, I repeat, comes with services on nearly every other host available, I would have to pay $334.80 a
year, more than double what I pay now.

Needless to say, I’m not happy with my service.

I had originally paid for a full year of service, believing that it would
save me money in the long run, but now much of the work I’d like to do on my site is impossible unless I pay more than originally intended.

I am paid through October 31. Is it possible to get a refund if I were to
cancel my account now?

Dream 02.02.26

Dream, dream, dream . . .

The first that I recall was trying to show the character Mr. Burns just how evil he really is, kinda like a Scrooge/Ghost thing. I dragged him to a small children’s hospital and forced him to sit with the kids for a long time. While I was there, Jenessa showed up to tease people. I asked her to leave, and forcibly pushed her out the window entrance to the room. The only way into this room was through a window on the second story, with a small patch of roof to step up from. She finally agreed to leave, and when she had her back turned, I pushed her. Someone, Halley, saw this, and agreed to keep silent, because she and many others thought that Janessa deserved it. Janessa is brought up to the care center on the 2nd story in a bit and healed. (HP system for this dream: Upon death or serious injury, a certain number of HP is removed from your total permanently) Janessa begins to cause trouble in the hospital, and I go to throw her out again. She leaves, and again, is pushed from the roof. We just leave her this time. We don’t care.

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Dream 02.02.26

Dream 1. Corkies LARPing Earthbound.

Dream 2. (WHOOOO SNOW outside, just noticed) Anyhoo, Jorenko and I were walking around this house or summat, and when we got to the backyard, there was a competition of sorts going on, and Mike Shapiro was hosting it.

Dream 3. Someone named Lucy and I were hired to paint a mural on some garage doors to a place. She and I never met, we worked in shifts. I started with an image of Link, then she painted one of her own, but she wrote things next to it like a lamer, and that irritated me. She painted up messages to me. Then she asked me to start doing her work. ARG.

Trigun Fanart

I drew Vash for the first time ever!

Dream 02.02.21

In a small classroom, like none I’ve ever seen, the students draw on the board while the substitute teacher yells at them, “Don’t make me get Lak! You know I will!” Jorenko, Squee, a few other Corkies and I sit in the back of the room just talking and playing with slinkies. For some reason, the sub and I get into a fight, and he ends up kidnapping me. All that I have with me in the car is a broken slinky. He drives off, threatening to kill me and stuff. I convince him not to kill me by giving him certain favors with the aid of a slinky. He continues driving down a road until it becomes a dirt road, and then he follows that. The road becomes surrounded on either side by some sort of plant that’s being farmed there. It’s all in rows, and the car is going between the rows. Ahead of us on the road is a bunch of other cars, all slowly heading to the same place. The sub, a bitter old man, starts to drive through the field, trying to get past the other drivers. I smack him and yell, “Are you TRYING to get caught?” He gets back in line with the other cars, and later we’re walking down the same path. All the people are trying to get to a baseball field where there’s some woman in Aztec style clothing singing in a strange language. The sub an I veer from the path at the last moment and head down a hill to get away. Three men in a golf cart scoot up to us – one is also an old man, while the other two are armed guards. I levitate, trying to look scary and frighten them. It works, and then I land next to them and say, “Hiya!” and walk off as they arrest the sub.

Corkies 11

Originally done when I was still in high school, so the entry has been back-dated to a million years ago.
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Jeff was an annoying prat, now he’s a cool prat. Somewhere in between he was a toaster.

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Corkies 10

Originally done when I was still in high school, so the entry has been back-dated to a million years ago.
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What the hell was that octopus mad scientist’s name…

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Dream 02.02.09

The Corkies were all in a PC lab designing maps in Starcraft or the Sims, their preference. I would monitor their progress from within their design. When everyone was near finishing, Kyle was busy putting something, thinking it looked bad, and removing it – repeatedly. He had a startcraft water map with a temple, and then some lava over to the side somewhere, and he was trying to build Sims’ walls on the water. I paddled around in a canoe.


Dib just knocked Zim upside the head and now Mai is going to kick Dib’s arse . . . dot jay pea gee.