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On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness, Episode One

I am enjoying this point-n-click adventure with combat system reminiscent of Chrono Trigger with a hint of Wario Ware.

On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness, Episode One: great game or greatest game?
(hint: neither)

Good game. Certainly hilarious at times, and enjoyable to play, but I don’t see playing it again and again like I’d do with older adventure games of the sort. Maybe it’s just because I have more games now I don’t have to re-play old ones repeatedly for mild entertainment.


For a while I’ve been using two lcd displays. My first one, going on four years old or more now, has a crappy contrast ratio and really makes it difficult to deal with colors properly when making arts. Because of that, and because I’d just bought a computer that could hand dual display, I bought a second monitor under a year ago. That second monitor crapped out on me over he weekend. It doesn’t surprise me, though, it was $100 cheaper than most monitors at that time and came with no warranty. It did display dark colors better, tough, and now that it’s gone, I’m really missing being able to differentiate darker shades.

So I spent just under $500 on getting two new monitors for myself. This old one I’m using now I’ll be giving to my parents. They’re still using a viewsonic CRT I bought them eight or nine years ago.