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Need a dispenser here!

For those of you know me online and have spoken to me recently, this is old new. For those of you who are still reading but haven’t been playing games with me, then, well, this is new.

Dispenser Goes Here is a steam group I made the evening of January 19th after a game of Team Fortress 2 with a few friends. We had been using the voice command to call for a dispenser as a battle cry and taunt that night, possibly influenced by a certain Team Roomba video. As such, I suggested we don the “clan” tag of DGH, for Dispenser Goes Here, and act like idiotic clan members for the night.
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The best script. EVER.

All dispenser lovers, rejoice!

Put these into your console

bind “h” “voicemenu 1 4” I think you can guess what it does.

If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous

bind “mouse1” “+attack; voicemenu 1 4”

Do you like Jerky? Do you like money?

Some time last year, I got a spam email that has managed to live in my inbox for a long time simply because of the title above. The content is just as wonderful.

Do you like Jerky? Do you like money?

from Clint.

Do you love JERKY? Would you like your JERKY to pay you money… I know it sounds silly, if not unrealistic, but let’s look at the facts:
1) It sells. It is literally sold in every convenience store, grocery store, and is in prime locations within these stores, all because it does sell! Read more

Well crap.

While playing TF2 tonight, my Virtually Indestructible Keyboard decided to give out again. As it did, it caused TF2 to crash, right in the middle of a CTF_Well match. I had 55 uses of my teleporter, and since the map didn’t finish properly, my client didn’t record that for my stats. 55 uses! The teleporter use counter on the top left of the hud had rolled back to 0 several times! It was cool! And it didn’t count.

VIKs are soft keyboards made by GrandTec. I’d been using one for a while and I loved it. In the past few months, however, the outer silicone part had detached from the inner circuitry. There was a lot of shifting about and the keys would get stuck. I’ve switched to my cheap dell keyboard now. I really want another VIK, though, even though I know it’ll mess up all over again. I’d had it for a couple years, so I know it’ll last a while.

Birthday Music

It’s my husband’s birthday on Monday, and I got him some music.

Dragonforce – The Valley of the Damned

Dropkick Murphys – Singles Collection, Vol. 2

Flogging Molly – Within a Mile of Home

Flogging Molly – Swagger

Flogging Molly – Whiskey on a Sunday

When I picked up the CDs, they  had Flogging Molly listed under the heading “Molly Flogging” as if it was a name rather than a group.

The Schelding Shift

(You may have already read this. Originally written in October 2007.)

It made me uncomfortable when she looked at me. She was a stern woman, very strict. It was odd, and insulting, that she should save her softness for gazing on me. Sometimes, I’d look at her and see pity in her eyes. What sympathy did I need from her? The old hag never had children or a successful project. It should be her who receives pity, not me.

Whenever she’d review the work of her interns, she’d chuckle when she got to mine. It hurt to hear her laugh. She found no amusement in the work of anyone else. Why was she singling me out?
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More artdump

doodlemash of silly

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(You may have already read this. I wrote it in October.)

A young woman walked along a street in the evening, surrounded by the open air and sunset. Her destination was far from any town, across a wide desert. She carried a backpack that, to the casual observer, might seem too empty for the length of her journey.

Scarcely a dozen cars made their way down the road in the three days she traveled. Several stopped to offer her a ride, though she never got in with them. She hated seeing cars. The cars ruined her view of the desert scenery.
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