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Dream 02.01.30

I just dreamt that Jorenko and I were walking on some rocks by river, and were going to walk on them. I took off my sandals as Jorenko walked down, and once he reached the bottom, I tossed them to him to catch them. He missed and the fish began to eat them. He caught a fish, opened it’s mouth and showed it to me. “See? Piranhas!” But they weren’t attacking him.

Next, in the dream, I woke up in my room and it was filled with about two feet of water. The same fish were in it, eating my stuff. I waited for it to drain, then began to seek a way to keep it from filling again.

The next bit seemed to be a cross of Star Trek, Star Wars, and Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within
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Dream 02.01.30

Harry Potter related dream

A young Schroe, along with two other students, both male, wander the dark halls of Hogwart’s. Schroe has it in her mind to scare these young’uns. The room falls into complete darkness, but the boys keep going by feeling the walls. Schroe can see perfectly. She removes her feet from the floor and begins to float to the boys. Just as she’s about the scare the ever living daylights out of them, a torch flashes, and the room lights up. Schroe sets down on the ground, and acts like nothing was wrong.

They get in trouble for being out at night, and are sent to their rooms. On their way, Schroe silently sets a spell for everyone to grow beards. While they’re working to get that removed, she sets another one – a pack of random dogs infest the school.
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Dream 02.01.27

Great dreams, but the details are lost on me.

One was about searching the dumpsters with Jorenko to fing pawnable items to sell :\

It reminded me of how much debt I’m in right now. I have a feeling I still owe the bank money, but I don’t know how much.

Dream 02.01.24

Plays. Hospitals. Perfect Dark. Dorks.

For some stupid reason, a math teacher (Schneider) asked me to be in a play. She handed me a script and I had one day to learn it before performance. I got the first half down pat, but the second half was insanely confusing. I was supposed to be announcing horse race results, and I had no clue how.

Ashley Sander was in it for some reason, and the stupid bint walked out on stage with her script, and read it from there. Everyone bitched at her for ruining the show, and we all went home.

I was rushing through a hospital to take out someone or something. I was in a red nurse’s uniform, and I jumped a gate similar to a subway gate. I quietly snuck around the place, and grabbed an IV bag from a stand. It had blood in it.

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Dream 02.01.24

Someone just whispered in my ear . . . a female voice . . . “And when I saw it, it was an eyeful.”

Running a Cam Portal

“I’m thinking of putting up a deadline, give people a week to update or be moved.”

*Much positive response.*

“Alright, One week. If you don’t update, you’re going to be moved or removed.”

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Dream 02.01.23

I can’t recall much, but it started with massive lawbreaking high speed driving. With my mom in the passenger seat. The roads were familiar, I’ve dreamed them before, but they’re very weirdly designed. I have no words to explain it. I ended up getting cut off and missing turns as a result. I finally got to the on-ramp I needed, and the driving slowed as a semi came rushing down at me.
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Dream 02.01.22

Thought Class

A combination of learning to concentrate psychic ability as well as philosophy.

I did very well in it. Most of the people in the class were from my high school, including Squee, Jorenko, and the Lane twins. Everyone would congratulate me on jobs well done, the great new ideas I come up with, etc.

And every day, I’d go home and hear my dad’s side of the family mocking my profession.

Back to school. We had three guest professors who were all very arrogant. They were there to teach us some new equation they’d created for determining someone’s specific ability range, whereas before, this was completely random and unknown, and could only be found by practice.

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Dream 02.01.21

A half life dream. I was verbally guiding someone through a level that didn’t exist.

The walls were red of the canyon he ran through. He came to an opening. There was a pit filled with water with a thin walkable rim around it. There were holes to jump over in the rim. In the center of the pit of water was an island with one of those claw things that was in the blast pit.

One of those gornarsh things, the big head crab type things that spawns bebbies, came galloping in.
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ettin64: THAT WAS MEAN
Schroe Dot Org: … I am a mean person. I commit crimes. And I’m psychic. They haven’t caught me. So I’m a small medium at large.
ettin64: …. WHY DID I NOT SEE THAT COMING. That was bad :P
Schroe Dot Org: ^_^