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Meddygon’s birthday music

Cream – Disraeli Gears

Heart – The Essential Heart

Black Sabbath – Greatest Hits 1970-1978

Culture Club – Greatest Hits

Primus – Sailing The Seas of Chees

Primus – Pork Soda

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So when you go to college what do you need? Money. How do we get money? A job.

So here’s my problem, I can’t get a goddamned job.

My town is not a big town, it’s pretty small really. Now they are building a cinema, bowling and all that bollocks, probably to get more people here than the next town. With all this building work going on, nowhere wants to hire me or anyone, 2 shops have already been shutdown. So I’m poor and I probably will be until they build the bloody complex.

Goddamn winter.

I have a headache. It started last night. It’s not a headache I normally have, and my medication doesn’t seem to affect it. It hasn’t gone away or diminished, no matter what I’ve taken.

So I watched it snow a bit in the middle of the night. Fuck. Snow. Means I have to shovel the drive in the morning, with a headache and little sleep. I got back in bed and put my earplugs in. I stared at the ceiling for a few hours, thought about tf2 strategies, social engineering at work, and other things.

I got up and looked at the clock. Two hours had passed. I pulled out my earplugs and heard rain. Fucking rain.

My driveway is two inches of ice.
Didn’t sleep.