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Chicago Schroe

Like most of my work from near a decade ago, I’m embarrassed of “Chicago Schroe” now. And like most of my recent posts, I’m still going to share it with the Internet. Hopefully some unenlightened tween will see it and think, “Maybe I shouln’t publish my Sonic/Mario/Mega Man webcomic lest I become an object of anonymous ridicule as this person has.”

The art was simple, but inconsistent. The plot was based around my interests and acquaintances. It was terrible. When I got around to attempting a consistant art style, my hard drive failed. All data was lost, including the original flash files. I didn’t care, I just gave up.

Height Disparity

A couple of our old characters on WoW, Schoolbus and Underground. UG (along with Ba’s counterpart, Mo) were stolen a long while back after Jorenko and I quit WoW. We didn’t find out until a year or more after the fact when we tried to reactivate our accounts. Mine was fine, his was locked. For 6 months, Blizzard did nothing but tell us to send in some forms, including a notarized declaration of ownership of the account (to that I say, “W. T. F.” After buying new accounts and playing for a few months, we realized why we quit in the first place: it’s not that fun. We can grind in other games for free. Also the social aspect of the game sucks. Anyway, doodles.

Orcs Behaving Badly

It’s strange how something I put a lot of effort into when I was a teenager is so much more embarrassing to me than a quick MSPaint that ended up in an SA Comedy Goldmine in August of 2005. Go look at the whole thing. My one image is just a small portion of the greatness of SA Goons with MS Paint. If you forgot anything unimportant from 2005, there’s some pop culture references in there. And some memes. Just like any other goon-made thing. I had some other drawings that didn’t make the cut for the gold mine, and I apparently didn’t save them . . . but there was an orc DOUBLE-DIPPING! AT A PARTY!

hay gais i’m in the SAClopedia

OH NO CLANGO! WHAT DID YOU DO???Years ago I was part of something on the Something Awful forums we decided to call “Pay It Forward,” which I may have explained before on SDO. (First link is to SAClopedia entry on PIF, second is to an SDO post about PIFfing.) If you don’t want to read either, basically we’d offer up goods or services in exchange for other goods or services to be claimed at a later date. Old collectors items, website design, whatever, it was offered. I got a (broken) ipod out of it, plus a bunch of other cool stuff.
At some point in one of the threads, I said the following: “I had a dream that I was showing off my pay-it-forward collection to someone, and included was a GBA game called ‘Babysitter Rape’ and the cover of the box showed a confused looking robot holding up a beat-up young girl by the collar.” The image on the right came later in the thread, and a few other things were put together from pulp-novel or b-movie covers involving women and robots. Someone thought all this was high-larious and decided to be the first person to post this tiny, one-thread in-joke that maybe 20 people knew wtf on the SAclopedia.

Antibus HQ

Antibus HQ
The Antibus coalition thinks that a brick wall can stop a Bus.


AeroplaneAeroplaneIn December of 2005, I worked at a grocery store part time. The late shifts with few customers allowed me time to doodle like crazy, and one of the doodles happened to be of my WoW hunter’s pet, Aeroplane the flying snake. (The hunter’s name was Schoolbus and was in the Beep Beep guild.)

My media choices were limited to receipt tape and ball-point pens, which created the image on the left. Since I wasn’t attending school at all at this time, I had a lot of free time during the day to mess with doodles. The result is on the right. It was originally posted on the Cork Board with instructions on how I made it and tips on stuff, but the majority of the people reading my site at the time didn’t understand photoshop at all beyond putting funny pictures together. There’s also not really much there to talk about. Click the images for larger versions.