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Agent Smith Stamp

I remember when stamps were 29 cents :(
Agent Smith Stamp — Done for an Illustrator class. We had two weeks. I took two hours. 14 May 2003.

The above is the original description whenever it was I posted it last somewhere. The instructor wanted us to trace in illustrator some pop culture icon, and most people did some campy deals that took them forever because basic computer skills were beyond them.

A Post Every Day

I’m going to re-post some old stuff, be it art or writing or whatever, once a day. I’m probably going to just go alphabetically through my folders, but you might find something interesting (or crappy).

Dog ….. 1200%

“Each dog is the size of three dogs and they have four of them. That is twelve times the daily recommended dose of dog.” – Jorenko

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I’ve finally updated to the latest version of wordpress. In doing so, I also decided on using another theme and putting some distinction between private and public posts. So register if you haven’t already, and you’ll get to read EVERYTHING.

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Not angry, just annoyed

I usually go about my life assuming that people do not care about me or what I do. This is easy for me to handle because the amount of people who could possibly care account for such a minuscule fraction of the total population. Knowing this, I am usually content. However, this mindset assures me that I should not share with others what I am feeling, as they will most likely not care. If they do not care, then I would be telling them for the purpose of receiving attention. I do not care for insincerity.  This writing is intended for the internet with no target audience other than those who may stumble upon it and take interest. You don’t need to care. I don’t expect anyone to.
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This Cat…

Shaven Stonk
… is my favorite cat. She is one of three cats living in this house, and the only one that isn’t afraid to sleep on someone.

This cat has an enlarged lymph node in her chest that has been preventing her from breathing properly. She is currently in the care of a specialist to determine for certain if their diagnosis of lymphoma is correct. The node has been drained and she’s in an oxygen cage.

This cat is only four and a half years old. She does not have FeLV or FIV, which would be two possible reasons to explain why she has lymphoma so young. It’s not impossible, just unlikely, for young cats to get it.

Best possible outcome with lymphoma: Chemotherapy works and she gets two years.
Average outcome: Nine months to a year
Worst outcome: She’s dead in a month or two.

She is MY CAT.