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Corkies 3

Originally done when I was still in high school, so the entry has been back-dated to a million years ago.
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Schnorks, Yumblie, and the revenge of an angry underwater creature.

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talking to myself

[Schroe> One day, I walked to town
[Schroe> You did not
[Schroe> Did too
[Schroe> Oh, shut up
[Schroe> You were there.
[Schroe> You never go anywhere without me
[Schroe> Maybe I did and I didn’t tell you
[Schroe> Quit lying
[Schroe> Screw you
[Schroe> Bah.

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niche market

They’re giving him shit in the main channel for stepping out of his niche, and he bitches about it more. All he ever does is 1. Make jokes, or 2. Turn serious conversations into jokes. And he bitches that they only see hims as entertainment.

That’s all he’s presented himself as!

gd dad

Dad uses PC during thunderstorm.
“It’s okay, I’ve got a surge protector!”
Surge protector doesn’t cover the phone line.
Modem fries.
Dad demands I let him use my PC.
“That program you use is dial-up only, Dad. I don’t have a dial-up PC anymore.”
“Oh.” *grumbles and yells*
“Fine, Dad.” *replaces fried modem with own*
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Stuck In the Middle With You

Everyone’s got something talk about except me.
Everyone’s got a complaint worth listening to except me.
Everyone’s got it better or worse than me.
I’m just stuck in the middle.

Things have been very droll lately.

This’ll be the first August that I don’t go back to school . . . I haven’t got a job right now. I wish I did. Not just for the money, but because it’d be something to do. I’m so BORED.


SchroeDotOrg: Right.
Aussie Ben Work: Left!
SchroeDotOrg: Up!
Aussie Ben Work): Down!
SchroeDotOrg: YES!
Aussie Ben Work: NO!
SchroeDotOrg: RAR!
Aussie Ben Work): AIEEEE!
SchroeDotOrg: Boing!
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6am, no sleep

microwaves make the molecules vibrate back and forth and makes things heat up fast kinda like the way super man escaped and ice cube one time

Or I could be completely wrong

on both accunts

It’s six am

fuck you too

How people react to nonsense.

[05:45]Schroe> dsfihew
[05:45]schnorks> hjhguyghv’
[05:46]Schroe> sdvioioioekf?
[05:46]schnorks> djfhjrfhjjfg.
[05:46]Schroe> oioioiwer wpoefusklfd welksdklfsd .
[05:46]schnorks> jhgftutfyhf fgdfj dfgj, dfhfgj gfjhdj.
[05:46]Schroe> werds iuwerkjsnd fa boifgs thew dfiusdfrkser?
[05:47]schnorks> kjhkjhgjg! fdhgffjdhkh fdhfgj gghghjkhk ffghh.
[05:47]Schroe> sdriuwerjwer.
[05:47]schnorks> kjhkjhkjdkhg fdhfgjk?!

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Mind the timestamps

[22:15] [C] And that’s the perfect note for me to leave. Bye bye IRC server, bye bye Netscape….
[22:17] [C] Bye bye AIM.
[22:19] [C]> And, finally, bye-bye, you lot.
[22:22] *** C Quit 

[Note, no one responded during the 7 minutes it took him to leave.]

I’m Not Graham

Never give out your password or credit card number in an instant message conversation.

Some idiot says: hey asshole
Schroe says: ‘sup shitmonger?
Some idiot says: not much nishal fucker, hehehe graham
Schroe says: ‘scuse me?
Some idiot says: do u no who this is?
Schroe says: Not a clue.
Some idiot says: HAHAHA ill give u a hint: FLATFOOT TUBBY!!!!1
Schroe says: Don’t know what you’re on about.

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