About SDO


SDO first start many years ago, back when I was still part of the large-scale babysitting known as high school. My geeky friends and I did many nerdly things, and I decided to make a webpage, complete with forums, for the entertainment of complete strangers. Friends were made over time, and lost in the ever-swirling cesspits of the internet.

It was the Cork Board.  It started as some tripod page with a free board of some sort. Then an ezboard. Then an ikonboard. And another ikonboard when the previous one died. And then another. It’s over now.


Now it’s a wordpress.

It’s where I post fiction, art, and pictures of my life. I have a spouse, a child, a dog, and three cats. I’ve got a lot of stories to tell and always appreciate feedback. If you see something you like, feel free to register and post a comment to that effect. Registration exists on this site simply because I do not want to get hundreds of comments offering me herbal solutions to my non-existent problems.

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