Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer do

i’m half crazy all for the love of you
bonus: yume as daisy or daisy as yume?


Yume had a request
so I delivered

too lazy to do actual shading but I still like it

Dingo, the greatest finder of things.

Miss Meaty Pete is a SHOE THIEF

Jorji cat is best cat

chibi jorji is a pretty great jorji as well
chibi emoji jorji on the private discord

Among Us – TLoZ Dungeon 1

A website has come about called Level Impostor that allows non-coders like me make mods using a GUI. Of course, I had to show my age and make one of the first dungeons I ever delved, The (original) Legend of Zelda – Dungeon 1.

Here are some screenshots!!

And now the download link! – Updated 5/29/2021

You should have a legal copy of the PC version of the game in order to use this mod. This will NEVER be available for Mobile or Switch because Level Impostor cannot export for those platforms. The file is compressed in a .rar file – you need WinRAR to open it. Copy the files to your Among Us folder and launch! All users playing must have the mod in order to play the map correctly.

bOk BoK

click for larger

I’ve been asking people in discord what I should draw the Meddygon doing and someone suggested today the spongebob chicken pose.

just a reminder that I do commissions and I should probably put up a commissions pages at some point

pop pop pop pop pop pop

my first attempt at animation using GIMP
frame 1
frame 2


click for larger



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someone typoed my name

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