Something I Sent To a Service Survey

There was FAR too much run-around. Worst service experience ever with a phone repair.

When I tried to enter a service request online, I filled out all the information (contact information, serial numbers, details on issue) and received a pop-up that said I need to call the service line for the request. All the information I entered was then erased.
I called the number, and an automated message told me that the service line was closed (it was the weekend) and that I should fill out the information online. It also recommended using the live chat. I used the live chat and was given ANOTHER number to call.
I called that, and was able to recite to a person everything I should have been able to fill out online. This was a waste of both my time and the customer service representative. Reciting numbers over the phone will cause more errors in entry than letting users type in the information.
Several days after Samsung received the phone for repairs, I received an email saying “Your product has been repaired and was shipped on 06/05/2012.” I receive a second email saying that the solution is “BER.” With all acronyms, you should assume that they mean nothing outside your organization. If someone has to call and ask what something means, or even look it up online, you are wasting time.
Working under the assumption that an email saying my phone has been repaired actually means that my phone has been repaired, I did nothing and waited three days for my phone. Upon opening it, I see a red paper that says my phone could not be repaired. I then had to call Samsung service to find out why, and why “BER” is an acceptable “solution” and called a “repair”.
The first rep told me (indirectly) that BER means Beyond Economical Repair). He then told me that they could not reverse the charge and would escalate my call.
The next rep told me that he would gladly reverse the charge and that the initial rep that took the service call should have not sent me a shipping label at all, as if they are trained to refuse to repair any water damage, even out of warranty.
He then transferred me to yet another representative who was disappointed at what the second rep told me and that he should have told me that they will not reverse the charge. He did, however, reverse the charge anyway.
If all this could have been avoided, I would have had a new Samsung Galaxy Nexus phone 10 days earlier. I like Samsung products. I am very disappointed in the service.

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