The Something Store

Let me tell you something about the Something Store. Avid readers (*snerk*) may remember my previous post about the site. After reviewing my Google Checkout history, I’ve ordered 51 Somethings since November of last year. Wowzers! No wonder they were willing to help me with a slight problem regarding our office gift exchange.

I ordered 19 somethings for the 19 participants of the gift exchange this year. We each drew names of the others, and the plan was to pick a something to give to drawn person. I thought it’d be a little more interesting than handing $10 gift cards to each other. Another coworker and I peeked at each of the gifts to separate the girl gifts, boy gifts, and gender-neutral ones. We soon found out that we had more girl gifts than we had girls participating.

I immediately emailed the Something Store, and within twenty minutes I had a response: They were sending me three new somethings, free of charge.

Above and beyond customer service, all the time. I love shopping the Something Store.

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