Echo exists because I had a dream about dying.

Echo is a main character of a story called Vivify that I wrote in October 2007. I recommend reading it before continuing. (Unlike a lot of my other writing, I’ve re-read this and didn’t hate it.)

Echo is the first of the fifth generation Vivified drones created by Dr. Weiss of the Vivifix Corporation. With all the vivi you’d think I’d named her that, but no. Echo’s past life remains an unknown to herself, but she has seen pictures of her recent past. The first two iterations of Vivified (Alpha, Bravo) were her, suspended in fluid for testing connections and controls. Future iterations had some motor skills, but the Echo line was the first to be able to walk and eventually be taught to function.

Since I haven’t written any more in this series, I’ll flesh out my ideas here. If you don’t want to know what happens until a story is written, don’t read below. Also feel free to ask questions. They help me build the story.

The current line is Mike (Michelle for the females, the marketing department felt that naming females Mike would reduce sales). They are fully functional from start and programmable. (Vivify project came around before Dollhouse thank-you-very-much.)

Bodies are procured by volunteers only. Family members cannot donate bodies post mortem. Vivifix requires that all donors state clearly in their will that the body is to be sold to them. Dr. Weiss and Dr. Rok examine each donated body and determine the value to be paid to the family. Many bodies are rejected due to physical condition and cause of death. Vivifix does not accept the bodies of chronically ill persons, nor of substance abusers. All age ranges are accepted. Vivifix does not accept children due to moral objection to selling children for private use.

Though Vivifix marketing sells their product as a disposable workforce for military applications, the private sector purchases individual units for other reasons. (Some reasons cause Vivifix to reject child donations but pay highly for the 18 to 25 range.) A full range of butlers, maids, and personal assistants are available.

Dr. Rok is the gentleman who took over Dr. Weiss’s work after he completed the Echo line. Foxtrot One was Dr. Rok’s first Vivified, and the first One that wasn’t Echo’s body. I have no idea who/what Foxtrot One is/was at this time.

Devin’s not going to be big in the story any more. The rest of his involvement will probably end up with him blogging about his trip and getting some Vivifix merch.

There was one Alpha.
There was one Bravo.
There were two Charlie.
There were three Delta.
There were five Echo.
There were __ Foxtrot.
There were __ Golf.
If you’re clever (or at least remember a little bit of your math classes in middle school) you’ll know how many of each run there was.

What I consider GIGANTIC spoilers below:

Echo is dead. November One is next.
Dr. Weiss’s wife died at 28 of suicide by sleeping pill overdose. Alpha/Bravo/Charlie/Delta/Echo One uses his wife’s body. He’ll die before he tells her.
She killed herself after two years of untreated depression. Little social contact (locked compound with no other non-scientists around) other than her workaholic husband and lack of children drove her over the edge.
He blames himself completely.
Dr. Weiss dies at some point.

Pictures to be added later.

Edit 06/12/09: removed epic math fail

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    • Tirlas
    • June 11th, 2009

    If I remember to view this again at home I’d probably give better feedback. So… there was/were, uh, two “Bravo-point-fife”s?

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