Foreign Transaction Fees update

Citibank refunded the charge on 5/19 (it didn’t show on the online statement until 5/21). Even though this was resolved, I still received a new message from Valve’s support. They asked me for a screenshot of the fee. I obliged and gave also a screenshot of the Citi CSR stating which charges were considered foreign transactions.

Here’s the conversation through Steam’s support:

8 « Message by Thomas on Tue, 19th May 2009 5:11 pm »
Hello Amanda,
We are still working on this issue and have been talking to the bank, can you please confirm the dollar amount of the foreign transaction fee that they are charging?

9 « Message by you on Tue, 19th May 2009 6:27 pm »

10 « Message by Thomas on Wed, 20th May 2009 1:20 pm »
Hello Amanda,
Thank you, we are continuing to research this issue.

11 « Message by Thomas on Thu, 21st May 2009 12:06 pm »
Hello Amanda,
I am really sorry to keep bothering you about this issue, our payment processor is being very difficult. Can you please send me a screenshot of your bank statement that shows the charge?

12 « Message by you on Thu, 21st May 2009 12:25 pm »
I called Citibank several more times since they initially refused to remove the charge and on 5/19 I finally got someone who would remove it. The credit did not show until today. Thank you for your help on the matter, they appear to have cleared it up.

The problem now is; will every transaction with Valve be a foreign transaction (in which case Citi has told me I will have to call them every time to make sure I’m not charge the fee) or is there something that can be cleared up on your end to prevent people from having their purchases be considered foreign transactions?
13 « Message by you on Thu, 21st May 2009 12:32 pm »
Sorry, forgot to attach the truncated statement (with bonus Citi CSR stating what transactions were foreign transactions)

* frff.png

14 « Message by Thomas on Fri, 22nd May 2009 9:34 am »
Hello Amanda,
Thank you. I really appreciate it. We are working on resolving this issue. There is no reason that you should be charged a foreign transaction fee. It is an error on our bank’s side, and they are working on fixing it for future purchases.

Success! Valve is working on correcting the problem for good!

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