Dream 09.05.27

I wish I had more time to write this out. For now it’ll just be a braindump so I don’t forget it.

The dream started with James and I going to Florida. (I have had two previous dreams wherin we accidently end up in Florida and need to get back home ASAP for work.) We needed a place to stay while we were down there, so we thought it was a good idea to steal the old mobile home I grew up in. (I have had several other dreams involving owning this mobile home or others as secondary housing.)

Upon examining the interrior of the trailer, I found that my parents had not completely emptied it and many of my mother’s old business clothes were there. I held up a dress and said to James, “I should take all these home and wear them to work. I can totally start bringing the 80s back.” (I need new business-casual clothes, getting old stuff might be a good idea). Inside the bedroom, my parents old waterbed was still there, along with some fans.

The next part of the dream is outside where we parked the home for our trip. I looked in the car (which was a roofless version of my Olds Cutlass) and saw that James had left our laptop and netbooks visible while he wasn’t paying attention. I reached into the car and grabbed them, then leaned in to place them under the seats. As I was doing so, the parking brake released and the car rolled forward, with me feet-in-the-air fallen in the back. The car impacted with a iron pike fence shortly after . James had followed the car and helped me out. We examined the car and determined that there was no way I could have accidentally hit the brake release.

I asked James to call the police to report an accident while I called the insurance company. He instead decided to investigate the hill we were on by throwing some sort of robot onto the street. As he watched it work, I grew increasingly angry; he could have called and then done what he’s doing, the cops wouldn’t show up instantly.

The dream jumped to later that night. We’re outside the mobile home, standing around with several other people. There’s some distressed discussion about how we’re going to stop the spacial anomaly forming in the middle of the street. Someone in the group is sort of a mad scientist and says he could build something to stop the destructive force if he had something from NASA. I suggested calling NASA, and even though the scientist argued that he’s only get a recording this late, he dialed anyway. I touched the phone and there was a spark; somehow he found himself in touch with an engineer inside the research facility.

The anomaly expanded and grazed some wires. Sparks showered the street. After a moment, a humanoid figured dropped out of the anomaly carrying a hammer and shield. He ran toward the group, and we could see his skin was coal black and his eyes were bright orange. He raised his hammer as he ran and I lunged at him, aiming a hand at his throat. I was able to knock him to the ground, though he got back up rather quickly.

He ran around the corner of the mobile home; I followed. I stuck at him again and suddenly my vision was blurred. When it cleared, everyone was staring at me. The intruder was gone, but I was now wearing his clothes. His weapon and shield were on the ground. My skin was bright white and my eyes were blue.

end dream.

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