Five minute presentation
“Why is it important to apply interpersonal skills in the workplace?
Outline typed
Presentation on Notecards
Visual Aids

I. What Are Interpersonal Skills?
A. Definition of Interpersonal Skills – The knowledge to successfully conduct interpersonal relations
B. What that means – Being able to get along with and knowing what to say to people, no matter what their personality or culture

II. Why are Interpersonal Skills important to have?
A. Keeps a calm and enjoyable home, school, or work environment

III. How can

This is all I’ve gotten done in the past hour and a half, along with a lot of bitching about it –

[13:29] schroe> “Human Relations – Interpersonal Job-Oriented Skills – Seventh Edition”
[13:29] schroe> By Andrew J DuBrin
[13:31] schroe> The only example under “Confrontation and Problem Solving”
[13:31] schroe> You: Mary, there is something bothering me that I would like to discuss with you.
[13:31] schroe> She: Go ahead, I don’t mind listening to other people’s problems.
[13:32] schroe> You: My problem concerns something you are doing that makes it difficult for me to concentrate on my work. When you chew gum you make loud cracking noises that grate on my nerves. It may be my problem, but the noise does bother me.
[13:32] schroe> She: I guess I could stop chewing gum when you’re working next to me. It’s probably just a nervous habit.

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