I had a dream that I lived in a three bedroom appartment with a bunch of people with “problems.”

The appartment was actually owned by a rather rude gay couple, who liked to rub it in people’s faces that they were only in this appartment because of their “kindness.” They stayed in the larger room, and had a kitchenette of their own.

One of the other rooms was occupied by a young man and his younger sister who had run away from an abusive home. The young man was around 18, while the girl was around 8.

I was granted the largest room in there because I needed the largest space. I had two children, twins.

Red is the gay couple’s room. Green is the young man’s room. Blue is my room. Yellow is the bathrooms. Cyan is the kitchens. Magenta is living room/loung areas.

My children, one male, one female, named Brendon and Melissa, dressed and blue and purple, went with me everywhere. (This is the only similarities with Home Movies that you’ll see.) Melissa had earned the nickname “Noah” from Dennis. I don’t know why, but whenever he saw her, he’d call her “Noah,” and make comments about Noah’s ark and such. Many people ignored Brendon, and often forgot his name, just calling him anything that started with a B.

I took very good care of my children. I wouldn’t have it any other way. I hated it when my family (not immediate family) came to visit, though. They would always bother me about the obvious, and offer advice on how to raise kids.

One day, the gay couple kidnaps Brendon to torture me. I’m looking all over for him – I check the young man’s room. I wake up his little sister, so I get her a glass of water when she asks for it. The water barely runs from the kitchen faucet, so it took a while. After I put her back to bed, I knock on the gay couple’s door.

They answer, both of them are bleach blonde, one with bishie-short hair, the other with a crew cut. The evade my questions, and giggle slightly. One had been on the computer at ebay.

I return to my room and start searching on ebay. I find a listing for a 3 month old child (Brendon). The seller name is one of the gay men. I storm in and grab my child back from them – they had him on a small matress in their lounge.

A few days or a few months, I couldn’t tell, later, I took the kids to watch the little league game of the little girl’s. Dennis was still calling Melissa “Noah” and he loved making my kids laugh. He was being like a grandpa to them. I asked him to watch my kids while I ran off to the port-a-loo, and when I returned, the kids were not there, not even their carriers, strollers, or bags. Dennis wasn’t there, either, and the others from the appartment had left.

I looked all over the park for them, and couldn’t find them, so I took a bus home.

Back at the appartment, it was silence. The young man and his sister were not home. I knocked on the door to the silent lounge beyond it, where the gay couple stayed. They didn’t answer, so I barged in. They were on the couch, making out, and my children were not in sight. I searched all over their room, their bathroom, everything. No sign of the twins.

I was more shocked and confused than worried.

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