I had a dream about Dennis’ – I was playing a pinball game right by the door. I was doing so well on it that it was like, “Why am I even playing? I don’t even like the cheering.” Yes, people were watching and congratulating me on a game well played.

Dennis then came in with his brother. (hH doesn’t have a brother in real life, not that I know of at least.) I’m ushered over to the dancing games, because that’s what I’m supposed to be playing.

I passed up the PIU machine for the flashier display next to it – Technomotion. The deal with this setup was amazing. You selected songs by physically walking through a display of hanging banners, grabbing the banner you wanted, and taking it to the DJ.

Someone picked a song for me; It was something I’d never heard of. The song started, and I got a glimpse of the board on a huge screen – this game was so intricate that you not only had to hit the step, you had to hit it on the correct sensor.

After the kid who challenged me and I finish the song, both passing, I with a higher grade, I ask him what level that was. “Oh, six or seven.”

I leave to look for the next song, and, while browsing, I see Traci D. (Strangely, she did not say “I know!” through the entire thing.) She and I caught up on the details of life. I showed her my “replacement Squee” which was some guy I was hanging out with. RS and I walk TD to the back door, where little Dennis lets her out. The back room that leads out was also a lift, which kinda freaked me out.

Back to the game now, someone stole my song. I wait for the next one, and I ask someone to grab one for me. While someone was browsing through, they hit the sample button for a song. I heard it and looked at the vid screen, where it was showing parts of the video.

The song was Subsonic Digital Electronics by Bass 305 (Though it was called Digital Bass in the dream) and the video was … Reboot. I scream at them to start the song, I want to dance to this.

They grab something else, time expires, and someone else takes my dance. I boo her off the stage in the middle of the song, then walk off.

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