Dream 02.03.18

Dream II

For some reason, TNG and I were at a hotel. I cut up a bit of food and threw it on the floor for the cat, but the cat wasn’t there. We did, however, see something grabbing for it, but not reaching. I look down at the floor, and my dog is pulling her excess fur from the carpeting with a bird-claw like paw – both her rear paws have become deformed. MADNESS.

Dream III

I can’t recall much . . . but at the end, we were waiting on a boat for a plane to get to us. “We” being a ghostly goddess – long white dress with dark black hair. There was a male, can’t describe him, me, a couple others, and some freaky girl.

We watch to our horror, the three planes we were expecting fall to the water some distance away in a fiery blaze. Oh poo. But wait, what’s this?! “Didn’t you see?” said Jorenko, “Gollum took out the orc pilot!” Huzzah! We have a plane! People go inside to inspect it.

Big, spacious plane, several stories. Stares and elevators. Camera follows freaky girl. Freaky girl goes to elevator, presses button. Elevator goes up a bit, but then starts to fall. Shit. Instead of letting her fall all the way, someone hits f2 and loads a new game. This time, Freaky girl goes to the stairs. Everyone else searches elsewhere.

Freaky girl goes into the room where Gollum locked up the orc. Freaky girl glomps the orc and starts doing sexual things with him, and then, after a while, takes the bottom position and screams like there’s no tomorrow. People come, see she’s, in a rather, er, oh, fuck it, they assume the orc’s raping her even though she’s the bitch who started it. Stupid attention whore.

The Ghostly Goddess never liked her. Freaky Girl never knew that Ghostly knew exactly what she’d done. Ghostly Goddess left in a huff, said something very ungodlike, and returned to a darksun map.


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