HOORAY! Spent the evening with Q.

We started out meeting downtown – she was supposed to be at the Virgin Megastore waiting for me, but she wasn’t. No biggie, we met up next to WGN and walked to the AMC theatre on Illinois.

We get in line, and they won’t take sodding credit cards. Bugger that, we went to the ABOs to get tickets. We wanted to see Harry Potter, but, unfortunately, the next showing was 1.75 hours away. Neither of us wanted to wait, so we went to the next showing of Die Another Day, which was in 10 minutes.

Whooosh! Prieviews. Whoosh! Movie! They should pay their dialogue writers a fuckload. Q is now addicted to James Bond.

The comes the Virgin Megastore. Q bought the DAD soundtrack, as well as Tomorrow Never Dies on DVD and some other stuff I wasn’t paying attention to :P

I snagged Daft Punk – Discovery.

We stopped at a starbucks and I filled out an application. The coffee upset my stomach, though.

Then we went to a Thai place and had some bubble tea and din din … and the best crab rangoon in existance.

WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOSH! We were so hyper and giddy after the movie.

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