Running a Cam Portal

“I’m thinking of putting up a deadline, give people a week to update or be moved.”

*Much positive response.*

“Alright, One week. If you don’t update, you’re going to be moved or removed.”

God fucking dammit, what the fuck is wrong with people? God forbid things change without your permission! I swear to fucking God, they’re all a bunch of fucking simpletons with one focus in life: Always get their way.

The point of the fucking cam portal is to update your fucking cam and show the world how fucking stupid you can be, not stare at an ad for some guy’s website for three and a half weeks. YOU HAVE STATUS. GOOD FOR YOU. THIS GIVES YOU THE RIGHT TO IGNORE THE RULES, ESPECIALLY THAT ONE ABOUT UPDATING YOUR IMAGE!

And all those fuckers who said they’d be fine with being moved – why the fuck are you bitching about it now? I gave you a week’s warning to update your fucking cam. A WEEK. A week for something that should supposedly be updated DAILY.

And you act like the portal is my fucking life. You expect me to update your shitty little links and put you up the second you apply. I’m on IRC all day, so why not pester me there? Especially when my nick says that I’m away! THAT’LL REALLY GET A RESPONSE.

You spent the last three cam images editing someone else’s to make fun of them. You are a PRICK. Get off the portal. Oh, didn’t get my warning? I’m supposed to pay attention to your site, even though I don’t give a fuck who you are, and read that you’ve quit IRC FOREVER? Fuck off.

Not getting your way, bitch? Ever think that you just might not have influence over everything? Chances are, when I make a decision, I stick with it, and not listen to the bitching of fuckheads, especially the ones who’s toughest decisions are, “Should I show the left side of my face, or the right?”

You know, for a bunch of twats who insist that this isn’t a big deal, and that I shouldn’t make such a fuss over keeping it in order – You bitch an awful lot. And never to me directly until after-the-fact.

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