Dream 02.03.18

Dream, dream, dream a dream.

For some reason I was cleaning out my Taco Bell bag while at school, and it was in my old high school, and it was during one of Schneider’s classes. I hated Schneider. I know most people say they hate their teachers, but tell me – have you ever walked into a class KNOWING you knew more than the teacher on the subject they’re supposedly teaching you? People may THINK they know more than the teacher, but with her, I KNEW.

I was cleaning out my bag, and for some reason, the desks were the ones with open space under the surface, so you can stuff … stuff in it. I was stuffing the minimal amount into it, because I didn’t want to lose it, but I did end up stuffing some workbook into it, and some sports trading cards. For some reason I come across a cake in my bag.

I put everything inside my bag again, and move up to the front seat. Sara Clark is next to me. We’re working on a project together. We’re supposed to write some essay and present it to the class, but, per usual, I hadn’t done it.

I began writing, and in a few minutes, I had it done. I put my feet up, and pull a blanket over me. Schneider calls up students one by one for their essays.

She then calls up “Amanda” – There’s 3 Amandas in the class, so we wait. She says, “Montgomery” which is, of course, not me. The next people up are a pair who did their essay together. Hmm, maybe I could pass off the shittiness of my essay by saying Sara helped to write it. She is pretty stupid. I actually don’t think she’d ever be in the same math class as me, ever.

Bell. Yay. Everyone clears out, but, for some reason, I stay. More teachers come in. People start drawing stupid pictures on the boards, and there’s a hell of a lot of boards.

The teachers get into my bag and start eating the cake. Oh well. Then they make me wash their dishes. The bathrooms are full of people, so I go to the drinking fountain to clean them up. I was cleaning some straw thing (there was milk everywhere), and I put one end on the spout of the fountain, and the other at the drain. Water runs through for a bit, then the line kinks. Shit. Water all over.


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