Dream 02.01.30

I just dreamt that Jorenko and I were walking on some rocks by river, and were going to walk on them. I took off my sandals as Jorenko walked down, and once he reached the bottom, I tossed them to him to catch them. He missed and the fish began to eat them. He caught a fish, opened it’s mouth and showed it to me. “See? Piranhas!” But they weren’t attacking him.

Next, in the dream, I woke up in my room and it was filled with about two feet of water. The same fish were in it, eating my stuff. I waited for it to drain, then began to seek a way to keep it from filling again.

The next bit seemed to be a cross of Star Trek, Star Wars, and Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within

Picard and Riker were just walking around, and they realized, “Hey, were in an episode we’ve seen before.” They tried to prevent things from happening, but failed. The next thing I know, I’m in, helping them. The aliens we were fighting were half-gone from existence, like the phantoms in the FFmovie, but one ship was solid, and it looked like the Millennium Falcon.

The aliens began to hack into the computers and open doors to the outside one by one. People would get sucked out. P, W, and I got into a ship and started shooting at the aliens, but they sucked at it, so I had to take over. I shot the hell out of the aliens, and then they flew off – but abducted me first.

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