talking to myself

[Schroe> One day, I walked to town
[Schroe> You did not
[Schroe> Did too
[Schroe> Oh, shut up
[Schroe> You were there.
[Schroe> You never go anywhere without me
[Schroe> Maybe I did and I didn’t tell you
[Schroe> Quit lying
[Schroe> Screw you
[Schroe> Bah.

[Schroe> Can I get on with the story?
[Schroe> By all means, yes.
[Schroe> Okay. Well. This one day, I walked to town and
[Schroe> Wait wait wait – when was this?
[Schroe> What do you care, you think it didn’t happen?
[Schroe> Humour me.
[Schroe> Oh fine, it was 20 years prior to the spaghetti wars, mkay?
[Schroe> Fine.
[Schroe> Okay, so I went to town, and I stepped on this rat, but it wasn’t just any street rat, oh noooooo, this rat was special-
[Schroe> Why, because it could sing?
[Schroe> No, because it could dance.
[Schroe> A dancing rat.
[Schroe> Yes.
[Schroe> Okay…..
[Schroe> It was like a dancing monkey! It belonged to some guy.
[Schroe> *rolls eyes*
|Schroe> Well, anyway, the dancing rat was his source of income, and I stepped on it, so he couldn’t make money anymore.
[Schroe> How nice.
[Schroe> Shut up.
[Schroe> All right, all right, what happened next?
[Schroe> I shot him in the face and took all his money.
[Schroe> …
[Schroe> What?
[Schroe> … Why to I have to share a cranium with you?
[Schroe> WHAT?!
[Schroe> ….

[Schroe> hehe
[schnorks> Interesting…
[Schroe> That wasted a whole 4 minutes.
[schnorks> You must be fucking bored…
[Schroe> fuck yeah

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