Tonight James made tacos. While we were each constructing our tacos, there was a hissing noise, not unlike the sound of gas slowly escaping a tiny aperture.

“The gas is off, right?” James asked. I glanced at all the dials on the stove to confirm.

The sound seemed to be coming from our stack of appliances in the corner of the kitchen. I unplugged them all, just in case there was something going on with them. The sound persisted.

I opened the cupboard below the appliances and gave a listen. The sound got quieter.

James went outside and tightened the hose’s valve as that is right outside where the sound is coming from. There was no change in the sound.

I decided to stop worrying and continue to build my taco. As I opened the jar of salsa, the sound stopped.

“Yeah, let’s throw that out.”

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    • Tirlas
    • August 20th, 2009

    Bad salsa.

    Also, I found the postcard with Dave the Barbarian that you sent to me while I was at Ft. Gordon.
    Youdrew ;) and Hi

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