On Reality

Gash: If you want to get down to it, our perception of reality is only a series of electrical impressions interpreted by our brain, so how do you know what you are seeing, smelling, tasting, feeling and hearing is actually what is there? Kind of mind-boggling, don’t you think?

Yengwa: No, not really. All of your arguments always come down to that same damn line from the Matrix. It’s not like you suddenly had a revelation and came up with it yourself. Besides, if what is real is defined by our brains, then how do we know our brains are real?

Gash: That is exactly my point.

Yengwa: Yeah but then you can’t say that anything is real, including your brain. So then your brain can’t interpret anything. And that makes nothing real and it’s stupid and paradoxical and SHUT UP NOW.

pissed: Well, as far as I’m concerned, the world functions. (Although it doesn’t function quite as well as it could and should, it still functions.) Therefore we must be doing SOMETHING right. And we can’t do anything right if nothing is real. Therefore, stuff must be real.

Gash: I’ll shut up about this topic when you have the capability to prove me wrong, which isn’t possible because you can’t prove that anything is real. Of course, you also can’t prove that nothing is real, so we have a stalemate. Still, it’s fun to argue about these kinds of things because it really messes with the heads of people that are too stupid to realize that you have completely messed up their heads. Or something to that effect.

Yengwa: How do you know you have a head?

Gash: I don’t.

pissed: I do.

Yengwa: So then how can you say anything you say is true if nothing is real and you don’t exist? There is no truth, so you can’t be right. I’m right.

pissed: Yes, there is truth. Truth is definite. HOWEVER, there are no means in existence that can find truth because the none of the means that exist are as definite as truth. We (people) have only evidence and claims that they support. Truth exists. We (people) do not have truth. That is it.

Ettin: Yeah, none of us have truth. But we can LIE.

Schroe: Truth is, and always will be, subjective. To most of the middle east, it is TRUTH that Americans are spawnings of Hell, meant to wipe the holy from existence, while here, it is TRUTH that our elected leader is too stupid to be the son of the devil. Unless the devil came to wispydale and fucked a donkey this year.

pissed: You are talking about opinion, as in, not fact. If I say you are evil, that would be an opinion. If I say you are 60″ tall, that would be a fact. And you have no idea how smart our leader *actually*; you (as well as most of us) only have what the media tells us. And the devil is just an image create by people. And it varies so much, that it would be impossible to tell.

Yengwa: Yes pissed is right, but Schroe is also right. They (the Middle East) believe it is true, so it is accepted as true. But the president being stupid is an opinion.

Gash: Do we exist? While there is always the chance I (or anybody else) can be wrong, I would have to say yes, we do exist. Otherwise, how am I processing the information around me, if I do not exist. Now, whether or not the information I am processing is real or not is the question.

Schroe: A court convicts a man of murder. It is then declared truth that the man is a murderer. However, the man, and the person he supposedly murdered, know it to be true that it was not him. In this sense, truth is subjective. The court and people in attendance know it to be true that the man is a murderer, but as I’ve said, the man is not. You can argue then, that since I have revealed the truth that he is innocent, it is true that he is innocent. Now go convince the 12 jurors, the judge, and the hundreds of people in attendance of that public court that their knowledge of the man being a murderer is a lie. How could it be a lie, they’d say, if the evidence was so substantially against him? The court has deemed him guilty, therefore he is guilty. It’s a lie and the truth, based on the subject you inquire.

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