Dream 02.11.26

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Anyway, this is the second time I had a dream about another school, wherin it was both IADT and “The school I was supposed to go to.”

It started with us walking into the offices to discuss financial issues. The offices looked like that of a CEO’s penthouse office – we expected everyone to be rude, but they were very nice.

I don’t know the significance, but Rebecca Sanford was in the dream, and I was complaining that she got to go to this school, and that she wasn’t even an artist. (Rebecca Sanford was the girl I was constantly stuck next to in alphabetical order in school)

Dennis was in the dream, repairing a PIU machine that was in the student lounge. Karen, his sister, was working in the offices of the school.
I went to talk to them, Ignoring Jorenko for a second (I didn’t even notice he was in the dream until then).

The school was under an airport, and we watch the planes go down the runway (and I do mean down, it was on the side of a snowy mountain) and take off. We got bored of it, and then a plane had a bad takeoff. It spiraled into the distance, and came back, spinning like a boomerang. It landed in the forest next to the school.

I suddenly felt alone.

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