I saw a How-To by Propmedic/Juego/Yoink/Wossname on how he made his bonesaw. First thought: AWESOME. Second thought: I want one. Third thought: I want mine a little thinner and a little longer.

So I made an outline.
bonesaw outline 1
20″ bonesaw from handle to tip. I cut one piece from some black mounting board using this pattern. Then I painted the blade part with some liquid silver I had leftover from another project.

I moved on to my second outline.
bonesaw outline 2
From the same mounting board (a $5 standard size sheet available at any craft shop) I cut two of this pattern and painted the “spine” of the bonesaw with the liquid silver. Using a combination of Elmer’s stick-all and generic clear glue, I attached it to the blade.

To the third!
bonesaw outline 3
Once again, two of this pattern. Liquid silver over the parts that will not be covered by the next outline. Stick-all. Because the mounting board is thinner than what Propmedic used, this bonesaw will end up with seven layers total. Don’t worry if that sounds like a lot, it’s already at five layers.

Last outline.
bonesaw outline 4
This one is just to thicken the handle and add the screw to the bonesaw. The whole thing, after all seven layers, is about 3/4″ thick.

Jorenko holding the bonesaw
Silvered up product. Jorenko helped make this (he cut out the handle holes).


Everyone knows a well-used bonesaw is not that shiny.
The medic's laundry room
So I got some copper paint and watered it down to give a nice rusty wash.

Not rusty enough for you?
more RAR!
More rust. More Medic pose.

Not medic enough for you?
Needs more duct tape
Duct tape gloves, for the hell of it.

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