Need a dispenser here!

For those of you know me online and have spoken to me recently, this is old new. For those of you who are still reading but haven’t been playing games with me, then, well, this is new.

Dispenser Goes Here is a steam group I made the evening of January 19th after a game of Team Fortress 2 with a few friends. We had been using the voice command to call for a dispenser as a battle cry and taunt that night, possibly influenced by a certain Team Roomba video. As such, I suggested we don the “clan” tag of DGH, for Dispenser Goes Here, and act like idiotic clan members for the night.

DGH is not really a clan. We don’t do matches, we don’t even have to play together. In fact, I don’t even care if people have DGH added to their steam ID anywhere. The only people I asked to do it were my husband, Tamama, and Mad Ryan. The other people doing it did so on their own. This pleases me.

I don’t know where I’m going with this, so have some art.

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