World of Warcraft

My husband and I wanted to start playing World of Warcraft again, starting tonight. Many people at my new place of employment play, and discussing it at work made me decide that it’s worth playing again. And, since we both have tomorrow off work, it would have been a great way to spend the day.

Did you catch that? Would. Have. Been.

We couldn’t log into our accounts to reactivate them, and we could reset our passwords because we didn’t know the phone numbers we signed up with. (For our protection.) James called Blizzard’s billing department. After much waiting (hold music is various songs from Blizzard games), he learned that his account had been canceled by a GM.  He was told that no information could be given over the phone (for his protection) and that he’d have to email the GMs about it. The gent helping him did forward the email regarding his account cancellation to the email address listed in his account (for his protection).

The email, dated 10 Jan 2007, stated that his account was canceled due to, in basic terms, gold farming and/or account sales.

We quit WoW at the end of October in 2006.

He called billing again, and learned that the account was activated again with a game card in December of 2006. For his protection, they couldn’t give him any more information. We were able to get my account updated by explaining that while we didn’t know the phone number, we did know the area code and the address it was listed under. They reset the phone number for me, but were unable to update with my married name over the phone (for my protection?) and I have to wait to get that done through email. I asked the rep on the phone a few questions about my husband’s account, and, for his protection, he couldn’t tell me anything. Oh well.

So now we wait for the 24/7 GMs to get back to us about his account, which was probably emptied anyway. I hope they at least left the naked bodies of his characters. Even if we can’t get all the items and gold back, the characters would be enough.

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