Dream 02.03.30

Something tells me that I need to play a racing game . . .

It started with someone giving a speech on the discovery of America . . . and how it defied their religions to have people living there . . . and that since no god has come down to punish them, there are no old gods. And with no old gods, there are no old demons. And Sauron blinks from existence. Elrond defeated Sauron with logic. Tee hee.

The convention ended, and it was time for us to play around. I guess we were irken, or something, because lunch was human worm babies. Madness!

After that, we exited the building, which was an old school of mine. And then we played live-action Diablo II racing. A barb, a necro and I (sorc) crowded into a cart. 3 other teams got into their carts as well. The course was very long, and traversed many acts. We started in the playground, moved up a hill to an elevated track through the swampy jungles of Kurast. Then through the burning pits of Hell, and the snowy cliffs of Mt. Arreat.

And we did several laps. The Barb was steering, and the necro and I were casting spells to get rid of the other players. I noticed that there was a large stash of items over around that corner, so I jumped off the second time around to go collect, and the guys would pick me up when they came by again.

When I looked at the items, there were labels over them, like when you hold ALT down in the game. Some of the things I found were a set avenger guard called “Leap” (which doesn’t exist…) “The Complete Set” but it didn’t say what off, several gems, and random lesser items. The names remained above them when I picked them up in my hands.

My ALT-view disappeared while searching for decent items in the mess, and I struggled to find it on my body. I couldn’t, so I opened up a menu, and I still couldn’t find it. The others were coming back soon, I needed to find things, so I tried to remember the location of things from when I COULD see them.

The others came, I got in the car.

And then I woke up

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