Dream 02.03.22

Per usual, several dreams. Most were too random to type.

I was at my grandmother’s house (but it wasn’t her real house) for a family gathering. Lots of giant donuts to eat.

Wait, perhaps it was my house, because I had my own room. Which had a door that exited to the outside.

I look out the window, and some bard is harassing my brother, a barb. My brother, the Axe barb. Heh.

I rip the screen in my window and start shouting at the bard to leave him alone, waving a sword at him. Tony takes the time to run off. The bard goes after him after I go back inside.

I run out the front door, and, to prevent the bard from chasing my brother, I threw a knife at him, sticking him in the back.

Which was kinda stupid because I hadn’t put on my armor.

The bard turns around, and he’s got a crossbow in his arms. Shite. I run inside and press my back to the door to keep him from getting in.

He forced the door open slightly, and I turn to the left, there’s a crossbow in my face. Just as he looses the bolt, I jolt forward, and the bolt goes into the door.

I run away from the door, and the bard comes in. I explain to him that I only did that to save my brother, and offered him a share of the meal if he’d leave us alone. He accepted, and I went to gather my weapons and armor while my family was sitting around my house. They kept asking me questions about what it’s like out here, etc.

I finally gather all my swords, and, huzzah, most of them are broken. The only decent weapon is this polearm my brother gave me a while back, so I grab that and put on my armour and go to challenge the bard, double crossing him.

Yay, dream end.

The next dream was of me typing this. Scary.

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