Dream 02.03.01

A Diablo II dream.

There once was a very powerful necromancer who was also a king of his land. A young princess was offered from a neighboring land as a peace offering. He accepted her, and she became the queen. She was very petty, and vain.

One day, years later, she slew her husband, and became the sole ruler of the land. She, over the years, had harbored a great hatred for him, and became to dabble in the magics, developing her own spells as needed to become a powerful sorceress/necromancer.

To not arouse suspicion, she declared her husband was ill, and later died of his disease. All was well for her, though she was very, very evil.

[The above was not part of the dream until the end.]

In the desserts around Lut Gohlein is a small town. It is unknown to most, because they choose to remain hidden. They are the people the queen has sent to the dessert to die after they had found her out or wronged her in any matter.

The Hero is asked to save them – not by slaying the evil queen, but by raising the necromancer. He had, in event of his death, asked his council to dress him in his finest armor with his best wands at hand in the coffin. The small town was made mostly of his council.

[The above part was not part of the dream at all, but it makes sense to put it there after what happened in the dream.]

It begins. My character, a sorceress, enters the crown-city and asks around. I enter the secret entrance to the inner court, and search for a scroll with the instructions on how to raise the king. I find it without much trouble. In that section, the point of the quest is to NOT fight.

I return to the small town, they translate the scroll, give me a small reward, and send me to raise the king. I do so, and the Lich-king rallies his people, and the queen is overthrown, and he rules again in his death. And the people love him.


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