I’m Not Graham

Never give out your password or credit card number in an instant message conversation.

Some idiot says: hey asshole
Schroe says: ‘sup shitmonger?
Some idiot says: not much nishal fucker, hehehe graham
Schroe says: ‘scuse me?
Some idiot says: do u no who this is?
Schroe says: Not a clue.
Some idiot says: HAHAHA ill give u a hint: FLATFOOT TUBBY!!!!1
Schroe says: Don’t know what you’re on about.

Some idiot says: its andy dipshit
Schroe says: Andy WHO?
Some idiot says: idiot hansen dipshit ill kick ur ass i got ur email from pang
Schroe says: Who the flying fuck are you? *bans Nipper and his brother from the chat* Now, who are you?
Some idiot says: ur graham krenz idiot i no u are
Schroe says: Right. That would be why my name’s Amanda Schroeder, right?
Some idiot says: idiot i will come over an kick ur ass graham
Schroe says: You go right ahead. In fact, bring all your friends – should you have any. I’m in the right mood to get my ass fucked by you.
Some idiot says: hahahaha now i no its definatley u
Schroe says: Be my guest. And make sure your puny dick is hard. Makes it easier to bite off.
Some idiot says:lol thas not a good burn graham u could do better
Schroe says: I would, were I graham. But I’m not.
Some idiot says: hahaha u even sound the same when u type
Schroe says: Wow, this is really funny. Thanks for the laugh.
Some idiot says: good one GRAHAM
Schroe says: *snicker* I’m sure all my buddies will get a kick out of this, too, whoever you are.
Some idiot says: BAHAHAHAHAHA u think u have buddies BAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Schroe says: And you think I’m Graham. Wow, we’re both wrong!
Some idiot says: u really suck bout this if u really were amanda u would of blocked me
Schroe says:Not if I was looking for a good laugh, which I’ve gotten. Anything else, twat?
Some idiot says: naw at the beginning u acted like u were pissed so then u would of blocked me
Schroe says: Hehe, They’ll enjoy reading this in the livejournal.
Some idiot says: AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Schroe says: Ever heard of the Cork Board? Or of the Corkies for that matter?
If not, you’re no one I know or care for.
Some idiot says: ur an idiot
Schroe says: Have you even HEARD of schroe.org? How else would you get this email address.
Some idiot says: imat it right now
Schroe says: Enjoy yourself, gimp.
Some idiot says: idiot boy
Schroe says: Amanda would be a female name. Not only can you confuse people, you’ve managed to confuse genders as well.
Some idiot says: but ur graham a male name idiot boy
Schroe says: No, I’m not Graham. Perhaps if you’d spent a little more time paying attention to this little thing called life, you’d have sense and realise that.
Some idiot says: lol u talk like graham u act like graham and u have a stupid name lik schroe like graham
Schroe says: But, frankly, if you’re going to assume that kablooie_@hotmail.com – which has belonged to Amanda Marie Schroder for 4 years, and Schroe.org, which belongs to Amanda Marie Schroeder, are both actually Graham, then be my guest.
Some idiot says: i dont think that schroe.org is graham but u are
Schroe says: What proof do you have that I am? And how do you assume that this email address is Grahams?
Some idiot says: pang nishal and sanath say its u
Schroe says: I have no idea who or what those names are, and if that’s some semblance of a screen them – then they’re quite wrong.
Some idiot says: HAHAHA
Schroe says: Fine, if I’m Graham, come on down to my house. I’ll be waiting with a cup of melted Brie and Bullion cubes.
Some idiot says: no idiot im not that dumb and ur an ass
Schroe says: There’s obviously no way I can get it through your thick skull that I’m not Graham, and I have to be on my way.

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