Oh, I’ve got another one you should see, it’s rather funny.
FS, loved by most, left this network because of C.
C appears to be the only person who DOESN’T know that.

[C] Has anyone seen L recently? I want to transfer FS’s nick over to him since he doesn’t look like ever coming back, and he’s buggered off.
[S] He said a while back that he was going on holiday for 2 weeks.
[C] And he hasn’t replied to my e-mail either. FS, that is, not L. “Dear FS, TTX was messing around with your nick, I’ve reregged it, tell me when you get back so I can transfer it.” No response. So if he’s not coming back I might as well hand it over to L.

[S] Heh. Well, L’s on holiday.
[C] Well I think that’s disgraceful behavior, going on holiday.
[S] Well, aren’t you on holiday? [Having seen a bit of a log from where he explained that the reason he doesn’t have a job is that he’s on holiday.] From uni, that is.
[C] Sort of.
[S] Did you ever get that job you were always on about?
[C] The actual holiday starts August 11th.
[Note: Nothing on the job]
[v]: I bet he changes the subject]

[C] Right, best tidy the kitchen again to find off the never-ending ant assault.
[v: How predictable.]

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