Dream 02.10.18


I don’t remember much about the beginning, but my parents were involved. We ended up at a Verizon store, and my dad was purchasing accessories for his startac phone. For whatever reason, he bought a bronze suit and tie to match his bronze phone. They bought me a gold phone with a new plan on it so that I had voice mail.

I said my goodbyes and walked out. I then stepped under the awning of a closed store and waited. I knew I was waiting for someone, but I can’t remember whom. My phone rang to indicate there was a new message. I flipped it open to look at it. As I was doing this, two black women drive up in a white car. One, in the back, rolls down her window and asks if I need a ride somewhere. This woman is someone I go to school with, though I can’t identify her. I tell her no, I’m waiting for someone. I hear an L train go by. “Oh, we’re right next to Jefferson Park,” one says. They drive off. (I’m fairly certain I’m still downtown, because the buildings are tall, and Jefferson Park is out in the ‘burbs)

Someone else stops by now. “Mike” shows up. I use the quotes because the guy’s name is actually Dan, and he goes to school with me. I say hi, an we chit chat a bit. I walk over to the other corner when we’re done speaking.

I start to listen to the message on my phone. Instead of it being a recording, it calls back the person who called me – Jorenko. I’m a bit surprised to hear his voice after I hear a ringtone that sounds classical (though I can’t place it now).

Someone across the street shouts, “Hold it right there, Michael!” I look up at “Mike” and see him freeze in his tracks in front of me. The shouting’s coming from a police officer across the street to my left. I stare first at one, then the other. The cop fires his gun, and I see the bullet slowly reach it’s target – a window above us. Only for a moment does it go out of view behind a green awning above the store. The cop fires two more times, each in slow motion.

Just as his partner is commenting on his success, fireworks go off. Apparently, the person they were shooting at had large fireworks in his hideout. The things flew everywhere, exploding in the sky, exploding on the street, breaking windows, destroying cars.

I curled into a ball, the phone to my ear, silent.

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