Sweetest Day

J Jorenko (10:58:25 AM): Schroe must go talk to the doorman.
Schroe Dot Org (10:58:30 AM): …  Why?
J Jorenko (10:58:51 AM): cuz :]
Schroe Dot Org (10:58:54 AM): …
Schroe Dot Org (11:09:02 AM): ….
Schroe Dot Org (11:09:16 AM): I thought you didn’t celebrate stupid little hallmark holidays ;_;
J Jorenko (11:09:25 AM): I felt like it
Schroe Dot Org (11:09:43 AM): I lub u ;_;
J Jorenko (11:09:53 AM): lub u 2.  You wouldn’t believe how rare blue flowers are.   Well, I just looked at a few flower sites to see who had anything in blue at all. I was hoping to make a varied thing but that’s all I could find :/
Schroe Dot Org (11:16:52 AM): ;_; lub u neway
J Jorenko (11:17:04 AM): yay!

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