The kitchen smells like three week rotted food because Candice never does her dishes. She’s too busy dirtying more dishes to notice. She uses up her clean ones, then uses up our clean ones, and then lets them sit in their own mildewy filth.

I washed them all. I said to her, “That is the last time I’m doing other people’s dishes.” She’ll probably retort with something alluding to my dirty room.

I should remind you that my “dirty room” is nothing more than books and clothes strewn about, not old food and dishes left to fester.

Our bathroom sink is always covered in hair. I know it’s not my hair. My hair leaves little blue streaks on the sink.

Our bathroom is never cleaned. Why? I did all the cleaning before, and used up all the cleaning supplies. She hasn’t bought anything for the bathroom, except toilet paper, which is rarely. Last time she bought it, she bought four rolls. Every time I buy, I buy 12 rolls for half the price of what she gets.

Does anyone else think it’s odd that she suddenly had $200 around the time that my camera went missing? Paranoia, I presume, because that’s the only thing against her I have.

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