Idiots with Tampons; Dream

Update 1: Retarded fucking roommates should DIE.

Toilet clogs, and Candice is adamant to cling to claiming that it’s not our fault. This arouses suspicion in me, for I am paranoid.

The toilet is clogged again, this morning. Why?

Candice flushes tampons. Tampons clog toilets in old buildings. Candice caused all of this >:|

Update 2: Family friendly dream:

Some company was testing some radioactive shite, and somehow, this related to planet of the apes. There was also a game in which one must escape without being seen by the guards. Tough game, I say! They made it damned near impossible. The guards were WW2 gestapo types.

Update 3: Non-family friendly dream.

I walked down a flight of stairs into a basement. Two others, unarmed, were behind me. One was Jorenko, the other was Sandra.

I scouted the room ahead, and ushered the other two in silently. I looked up the stairs to make sure no one was following. Someone was, and he was quickly taken out.

We moved on into the next room, same as before. I scouted, called them in, and checked their backs. This went on until we were in the final room.

Once in the final room, I noticed the other two were gone. I looked out the basement window and saw in the broad daylight that Black Mage was casting his “Level 9 Light Spell” on someone. Being attracted to evil like a moth to flame, I broke the window and ran up to the Black Mage. I glomped him, and instantly tried to get at his privates. I stripped him down, only to find that it was Jorenko under those robes. HOORAY! We had our roll in the hay, and this is were it gets weird.

My ovaries fell out.

They were more pushed out, coming through the skin and hanging there like a nutsack for a bit, but they broke the skin and fell out. Jorenko and I, still naked, ran into my parents’ house in Ohio and put them in a jar, ready to take them to the doctor.

But I was pissed at Jorenko. The ovaries were in a small sac on their own, like the membrane of an egg. He had kept poking at them, damaging them.

I can’t even think of what the subconscious value of this is.

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