Dream 02.08.21

The dream started with Jorenko and I sitting on my bed. He was watching me play Diablo II, trying to distract me. I kept yelling at him, because he wasn’t supposed to be there, he was supposed to be somewhere else. I was getting really pissed off at him, but I couldn’t remember what it was he was supposed to be doing.

Then an IM window popped up on my screen from Ettin. Ettin was asking where Jorenko was. Why on earth would Ettin be asking where Jorenko is?

Apparently they’d planned a surprise visit, and Jorenko had forgotten to pick Ettin up from the airport. Ettin managed to get on AIM somewhere. We were both rather pissed off at Jorenko then.

So Jorenko goes off to get Ettin. (We’re all humans in this dream, mind. Our normal, real life selves.) I run off to my closet to change. While I’m picking out the best outfit to wear, Jorenko returns with Ettin. I slam the closet door shut, and yell, “I’m changing!” Ettin opens up the closet door while I’m half-naked and says, “HI SCHROE!”

I smacked him good.

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