Dream 02.08.05

An Invader Zim dream. I should draw the characters some time. They are strange.

As it starts, we have a view of a large crowd viewing a stage. It looks like a concert of some sort, and there is a single female human on the stage, over which every boy is drooling except two. Zim, who is nowhere to be seen, and Dib, who is too busy ranting at his disinterested sister to even notice.

The girl is apparently some pop star, and she had just finished a concert. She grabs the mic one last time and begins some sort of scripted speech. As she speaks, the camera flits from the speaking girl to the ranting Dib. Dib and his sister are positioned in the back row of the concert, standing on top of a robotic lift that their father made.

Dib comes to a delightful crescendo of his speech, “… and if they don’t stop Zim, I WILL!”

The girl on stage shouts at the end of the long and pointless speech – “NOW WHO WANTS TO GO ON A DATE WITH ME?!” The crowd of drooling male teens falls silent from shock. Everyone hears the first person to speak quite clearly, and Dib wins the contest to have a date with the girl.

The girl runs back to the lift that Dib and Gaz are standing on, and says, “Congratulations, you’ve won a date with MEEE!!!”

“But I …” Dib faltered.

“Sh-shh! You and I are bound for a romantic day of … things … and … stuff.” As she spoke the last three words, she made a brushing off motion with her hands and looked to the side.

Dib looks uncomfortable downward, and fails to find words at first, but then decides to introduce himself and his sister.

Gaz looks up from sipping her soda. “My brother’s a loser, you won’t have any fun.”

The girl looks at Gaz thoughtfully for a bit. She snaps her fingers, and two burly security guards appear. “Sorry, Gaz, we found out you’re on an inside job.” Gaz is promptly carried of by security. “Now that she’s gone, we can begin the courtship ritual!”

The girl has dark bluish-grey hair, sholder length, brushed to one side. She wears a dull, faded red dress, so faded it looks pink. The sleeves on it are long while the skirt is short.

The next few scenes are of different places where Dib and the girl are having fun on their date. Several transitions occur. One, Dib finds himself slowly growing to like the girl, and two, the girl slowly looks less and less human. At one point, there was jagged shape protruding from her chin. At another, her small fingers that showed from inside the sleeves suddenly got long and wriggly.

The final scene shows the girl leading Dib to a convention. “Oh, a screaming convention!” she says excitedly. “I hope it’s a drunken one!” She bounds off happily through the entrance, and Dib follows, somewhat reluctantly.

Two beings are sitting on a bench, hooting and hollering drunkenly – Red and Purple. Dib, now being dragged by the girl (who looks less human than Zim now), starts to say, “Hey, aren’t those guys …”

He’s cut off by the girl throwing him into the middle of a UFO convention. This is the most secret convention of them all, because it’s not a human convention, it’s for aliens on earth only.

The girl dances happily, and Dib turns into Mr. Saturn. Purple pokes him with a stick.

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