Dream 02.08.02

Last Night’s Dreams:

The dream started at some awards show. I was the lighting/stage crew, so I began tearing everything down after it had finished. People had forgotten things behind the stage, such as t-shirts and music stands. People had returned their shirts, too, because they were too small. I gave them new ones.

I walked home from the event with Jorenko. A man steps up to us and asks us for money. I keep walking, but Jorenko slows down. I turn around, grab Jorenko, and say, “Let’s go.” The man follows us, and I grab Jorenko’s Leatherman, and threaten the man to back off, or I’ll cut him. He goes.

I walk into the Belmont House, and, for whatever reason, it’s in the 1800s. Jorenko is no longer in the dream. I’m wearing an old Victorian styled dress, and it’s late at night. I walk past the desk, and the doorman mentions that the ladies in 4 had been acting strange. I apparently lived in 6. They lived across the hall from me, and were good neighbors.

I make my way to the lift, and wait for it. The doors open, and I hear a rather loud thump, which caused the lift car to shake.

I stand still for a while, unsure of what has just happened. I hear a whisper in my head, “There’s blood on the walls.” I shake my head, trying to get the voice out, but eventually it convinces me to confirm its claims.

Sure enough, there’s blood dripping through the corner of the lift car’s ceiling, making a dark red stain on the wall.

I scream hysterically, “There’s blood! Blood! Dear God, the blood . . . ”

The doorman arrives at the scene. He lifts up the service door on the lift car, and shudders. I am unable to see what he’s found, but he then throws a blanket over me, blocking my view.

The camera view changes from first person to fixed, and I see the doorman opening the lift’s service door. A woman’s body falls through, a brunette in a white dress.

I had heard the second thump of the body falling, and began to scream again from under the blanket.

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