I decided to cut class tonight. I didn’t have the work done, so I decide just to not go. There’s no real penalty in it.

I decided to get lunch/dinner at the House of Blues. Since it was dinner time, they had a band up on stage.

I ordered, and waited for my food. Boredom hit me, so I broke out the charcoal and did a portrait of the man on stage playing the electric violin. It looked grrrrreat.

After dinner, I had to use the restroom. The attendant in there looked through my sketchbook and liked my work, and asked if I’d do a portrait of her. I charged her five dollars, and got to drawing.

While I was drawing, another woman came in and looked over my shoulder. She asked if I had a card, and I told her no. She handed me one of her cards.

She works for the House of Blues Hotel. She wants me to call her on Monday and discuss doing artwork for her.

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