Money issues

Well, I’m fucked.

I’m careful with my money, to an extent. I work within my budget, but my budget does not allow other people’s misfortunes, or other people’s involves in a bad manner.

I spent too much when I went home.
Mike didn’t pay me this month.
My credit card is locked.

My credit card was my backup plan for food and such, should I need to do emergency shopping before I got my next financial aid check or paycheck.

The way to get my card going again is to call the customer service. I can’t do that, because I don’t have any copies of the bills. Why not? Because they can’t get my fucking address right and keep sending it to OHIO.

Speaking of people who can’t get my fucking address right, my financial aid check is probably in OHIO right now, too, because apparently 3 change of address forms isn’t enough for the IADT.

And I won’t see a paycheck for three weeks.

Thanks for dindin, Q.

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