Jesus fucking Christ, she just gets stupider and stupider.

I dail up, so I can upload my homework to my host so that I can download it at school and work on it there.

“Um, could you not got online, I’m waiting for a call from Ben.”

“He’s not going to call in the five minutes or less that it’ll take me to do this.”

“I’m waiting for him to call so I can leave.”

*a minute and a half passes in silence*

“Whatever,” she says, “just stay on.”

*she hangs around for another three minutes, waiting for me to get off, and I haven’t yet uploaded the file. Then she instructs me to tell Ben to call her back later if he should call. Finally, she leaves.*

It’s like every fucking time I get online for five minutes, she’s missing a life or death call.

note: Ben never called.

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