Dream 02.04.13

This dream was really cool.

It had to have been an RPG, because I kept seeing an overhead map to show my location. It had to be only a part of the RPG, because I was only in one location with a caravan.

They were stuck in their location, they had no engines to move their wagon trains. They would wait for trains to pass on the nearby lines, and they would use some makeshift satellite and hacking utility to contact the engineer of the train via telephone. Once connected to the train, they’d ask the engineer to stop, come back, and let them tag on the end of the train to get out of there. Most of the engineers would refuse, ignore, or outright refuse. One even said, “It’s against our regulations to pick up wagon trains, and it’s illegal for wagon trains to ask!” My response, (I was the phone jockey) Then have them arrest us – they’ll drag our wagons out with us, and we’ll get what we want!”

The reason we wanted out so badly was that there was a monster nearby tormenting us. It looked like a realistic grey klaptrap, with a long, whipping tongue. The adventuring heroes agreed to take another chance at defeating the monster. The caravan threw a party for us. There was song, and there was dance, and there was a girl in a white shirt with pink sparkly butterflies on the front. She and I danced for a bit, then started a whole train of dancing, and everyone was having fun. The bard/prophet ran in and told us to stop our celebration, because an angry god had heard it and became jealous, because the song wasn’t for him. We scattered as the grey monster attacked us directly.

It looked like a large, grey, cartoonish alligator. It feasted on the fleeing people, including the girl with the butterflies. This pissed me off insanely, and I lunged at the monster, attacking with a flurry of weaponry. Guns, knives, swords, daggers, maces, clubs, axes . . . whatever I could find.

No use, though. I still died.

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