Old art

I think this is from around spring of ’08. I honestly don’t remember drawing it. I’m looking through a pile of things on my desk and this is the first thing I don’t recall drawing.



Art 9/4/2012

Here are some things I did for an art class. Criteria was 8″x8″, inspired by urban scenes, and

One simple symmetry:

One bi-axial symmetry:

One basic asymmetry:

One balanced asymmetry:

Something I Sent To a Service Survey

There was FAR too much run-around. Worst service experience ever with a phone repair.

When I tried to enter a service request online, I filled out all the information (contact information, serial numbers, details on issue) and received a pop-up that said I need to call the service line for the request. All the information I entered was then erased.
I called the number, and an automated message told me that the service line was closed (it was the weekend) and that I should fill out the information online. It also recommended using the live chat. I used the live chat and was given ANOTHER number to call.
I called that, and was able to recite to a person everything I should have been able to fill out online. This was a waste of both my time and the customer service representative. Reciting numbers over the phone will cause more errors in entry than letting users type in the information.
Several days after Samsung received the phone for repairs, I received an email saying “Your product has been repaired and was shipped on 06/05/2012.” I receive a second email saying that the solution is “BER.” With all acronyms, you should assume that they mean nothing outside your organization. If someone has to call and ask what something means, or even look it up online, you are wasting time.
Working under the assumption that an email saying my phone has been repaired actually means that my phone has been repaired, I did nothing and waited three days for my phone. Upon opening it, I see a red paper that says my phone could not be repaired. I then had to call Samsung service to find out why, and why “BER” is an acceptable “solution” and called a “repair”.
The first rep told me (indirectly) that BER means Beyond Economical Repair). He then told me that they could not reverse the charge and would escalate my call.
The next rep told me that he would gladly reverse the charge and that the initial rep that took the service call should have not sent me a shipping label at all, as if they are trained to refuse to repair any water damage, even out of warranty.
He then transferred me to yet another representative who was disappointed at what the second rep told me and that he should have told me that they will not reverse the charge. He did, however, reverse the charge anyway.
If all this could have been avoided, I would have had a new Samsung Galaxy Nexus phone 10 days earlier. I like Samsung products. I am very disappointed in the service.

Some Leushi Art

Posted some art over at Fish Level. Go look!


I haven’t updated in forever. Here’s some writing.

Husk bore no grudges against the living. Her pursuit was of knowledge, not vengeance. She remembered few of the things he learned, however. This, in part, is what kept her from seeking any retribution for what the living had done to her. Why seek revenge, she reasoned, when I don’t even know if I was wronged?
The living allowed her to walk among them, but not unmolested. Children would throw rocks or rotten food at her; the grown would give her dirty looks or turn away. A few of the young would confront her, she was told, and beat her into submission. She never remembered these encounters.
Husk was not what they considered a “person.” All she knew of her life was relayed to her by those that hated her. She had no idea of her own history, and so she could not deny any of their accusations. They told her that she was born dead and should have stayed that way. They said her mother used unnatural magic to bring breath into her lungs. They told her that if she was meant to live in this world, she would be able to remember it. They told her she should leave this world as soon as possible.
“You are dead yet you walk the roads,” they would say to Husk. She believed them. She could see well enough that her skin was dry and clinging to her meager frame. Her gait was a shamble, slower even than the elderly matrons who tended the gardens.
“You are dead yet to speak to us,” they would say. Husk knew the sound of her own voice and how it rasped against her peeling throat as she exhaled. She knew it was not a pleasing sound to the living, and so she kept it to herself a much as she could.
“You are dead yet you read,” the meddyg would say to her. “Reading is not a skill many possess here.” The meddyg is living, Husk noted, and does not hate me.
Meddyg Yu-Isu provided Husk with much reading material. He showed much patience compared to the none-at-all the other living showed her. He had no problems at all providing her a book he had already read three time over; he understood her mind was fragile. He knew she was prone to forgetting things, especially when she is damaged.

“Yu,” Husk whispered, looking up from her book. The skin on her neck crackled as she moved.
Yu-Isu turned from his stitching to face his patient. “Pardon me a moment,” he said to the horrified man.
“I didn’t even know that thing was here,” the man said, a look of utter disgust on his face.
“That thing forgets more in a day than you will ever know,” Yu-Isu hissed in response. He jabbed the needle into his patient’s leg more roughly than required for the last few stitches before moving to the table at which Husk was seated. “How can I help you, friend?”
“I read thi—” she started, but shut her crackling lips on the word. She shook her head softly, indicating to Yu-Isu yet again that she’d forgotten what she was going to say.
He patted her lightly on the back and said, “Some day, don’t worry.”
Yu-Isu stood and collected a few herbs and vials from a cabinet before returning to his patient. “The vials,” he said to him, “You are to add to your drinks. The herbs you add to your food. They will heal you from the inside. Do not touch the stitches. Bathe in the spring in seven days and then return. Now get out, you are distracting Husk.”

Art 11-16-11

Art 9-3

Dreams 8-12

I had a dream last night that some bad artist was selling poster prints of 1. someone else’s (much better) art, 2. their own crappy sketch-comics, and 3. horribly patched together photoshop-recolored emo photographs. The prints were on display in a Walgreens, and the artist insisted that everyone must leave comments in writing on fabric.

1. First piece was titled “Slavecrab Party”—It was headcrabs from half-life wearing party hats. The original artist painted it and the rip-off artist made prints and added the title and her signature.

2. Their crappy comics were pencil on white background, poorly drawn with no concept of anatomy, and was obviously drawn on notebook paper and then laid out in photoshop, where they tried (and failed) to completely remove the blue line. The “panels” (there were no lines) were in no perceptible order and there was a lot of irregularly sized white space. The subject matter was two of the class characters from TF2 falling in cartoon love with each other, complete with bugged-out eyes/hearts and falling rose petals.

3. The image was a kid with long hair in black standing in front of a tree, looking down so you couldn’t see the face. The tree, the kid, and the ground were from all different photographs and at different resolutions

The comment cloth was cut from t-shirts and baby clothes into the shape of panties.

I title this dream DEVIANTART.COM



Short dreams:

I visited the mother of some long-dead artist-friend and gave her some stuff. She complained about how artist-friend’s widow had already remarried.

A package intended for us went to a neighbors house. They had put the package with all the moving boxes of the neighbor. The neighbors weren’t home and we didn’t feel right just taking the boxes, in case someone else saw and told the neighbors we stole stuff.

Sonic the hedgehog vs. Shadow in a race down some minecraft stair maze. I kept losing playing at sonic until instead of running right away, I grabbed Shadow and threw him off the edge.













7/25 art

Meddyg Morlawe fashioned her meddyg robes into a squid hood.

7/18 Art