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I had a dream last night that some bad artist was selling poster prints of 1. someone else’s (much better) art, 2. their own crappy sketch-comics, and 3. horribly patched together photoshop-recolored emo photographs. The prints were on display in a Walgreens, and the artist insisted that everyone must leave comments in writing on fabric.

1. First piece was titled “Slavecrab Party”—It was headcrabs from half-life wearing party hats. The original artist painted it and the rip-off artist made prints and added the title and her signature.

2. Their crappy comics were pencil on white background, poorly drawn with no concept of anatomy, and was obviously drawn on notebook paper and then laid out in photoshop, where they tried (and failed) to completely remove the blue line. The “panels” (there were no lines) were in no perceptible order and there was a lot of irregularly sized white space. The subject matter was two of the class characters from TF2 falling in cartoon love with each other, complete with bugged-out eyes/hearts and falling rose petals.

3. The image was a kid with long hair in black standing in front of a tree, looking down so you couldn’t see the face. The tree, the kid, and the ground were from all different photographs and at different resolutions

The comment cloth was cut from t-shirts and baby clothes into the shape of panties.

I title this dream DEVIANTART.COM



Short dreams:

I visited the mother of some long-dead artist-friend and gave her some stuff. She complained about how artist-friend’s widow had already remarried.

A package intended for us went to a neighbors house. They had put the package with all the moving boxes of the neighbor. The neighbors weren’t home and we didn’t feel right just taking the boxes, in case someone else saw and told the neighbors we stole stuff.

Sonic the hedgehog vs. Shadow in a race down some minecraft stair maze. I kept losing playing at sonic until instead of running right away, I grabbed Shadow and threw him off the edge.













7/25 art

Meddyg Morlawe fashioned her meddyg robes into a squid hood.

7/18 Art

6/8 art

Septa Mordane!

5/25 art


5/13 Art

1/12 Aries — apocalypseArisen —Aradia Megido  (Homestuck fanart)


and a self portrait.

I’ve been told that I wear hats.

2/12 Taurus — adiosToreador —Tavros Nitram (Homestuck fanart)

Pess the pie-eating champion of the world.

Art 5/11

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A Bundt cake that hides a terrible secret


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Japanese firetrucks!


couple more things:

Monday Art 04-18-11

I want to tell more stories, and I want to do some in comic form. This character’s story will be in comic form, if I can ever get over this block. I am no good at pacing and layout for comics, no matter how many I read and try to study. Blah!

Her name is Marjorie and that mark on her forehead is intentional.