7/25 art

Meddyg Morlawe fashioned her meddyg robes into a squid hood.

7/18 Art

6/8 art

Septa Mordane!

5/25 art


5/13 Art

1/12 Aries — apocalypseArisen —Aradia Megido  (Homestuck fanart)


and a self portrait.

I’ve been told that I wear hats.

2/12 Taurus — adiosToreador —Tavros Nitram (Homestuck fanart)

Pess the pie-eating champion of the world.

Art 5/11

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A Bundt cake that hides a terrible secret


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Japanese firetrucks!



couple more things:

Monday Art 04-18-11

I want to tell more stories, and I want to do some in comic form. This character’s story will be in comic form, if I can ever get over this block. I am no good at pacing and layout for comics, no matter how many I read and try to study. Blah!

Her name is Marjorie and that mark on her forehead is intentional.

Wednesday Art 04-13-11

Hail Lord Monkeypig.

Wednesday Art 4-6

Monday/Wednesday Art 3/28 & 3/30